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Specialty Sterile Pharmaceutical Society is a new organization founded to support non-traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing by establishing stringent standards of practice, ensuring the safety and welfare of the public and advancing the availability of specialty sterile products for patients within the nation’s hospitals and physician practices.

The time is now for specialty sterile pharmaceutical companies in America to come together and form a powerful alliance that effectively communicates the key messages of our industry – strict safety standards, assurances of patient safety and the life-saving importance of sterile pharmaceutical preparations to our country’s healthcare system.

The debate concerning oversight of specialty sterile pharmaceutical production practices and standards is at a crucial point. If we don’t speak out now, our industry won’t have a say in the final outcome, and that could have dire consequences for the future.

Contact us today at 501-812-6878 for membership options and dues information.

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"Hospitals and physician clinics across the country count on specialty pharmacies to produce essential medications that help fill critical drug shortages and save thousands of lives. The goal of this new society is to assure that these vital services will continue and that safety and efficacy are realized through the advancement of applicable good manufacturing practices in regulation and through standards of practice."

-- Dell McCarley, President

Specialty Sterile Pharmacuetical Society